A few tips about car washing

The phrase “please wash me” can be seen on some dirty cars in the city. If a citizen writes this phrase on your car, it is a worrying situation that affects your social status. However, the density of daily affairs and the need to do seemingly more important tasks make less people spend time washing their cars. While washing the car regularly and carefully is of particular importance and provides many benefits. In this article, the benefits of keeping the car clean, the right time to wash the car in different seasons, and the types of washing methods and car washes, from manual methods to car wash centers, are discussed.

The importance of car washing

Contrary to popular belief, car washing is not only important in terms of aesthetics, but also helps to maintain the value and quality of the vehicle. In fact, pollution, dirt, bird droppings, air pollution and road salt damage the color of the car body in the long term and cause rust on the metal surfaces. Therefore, by regularly washing the car with the help of manual methods or car wash, the vehicle is protected from possible damages and its financial value is preserved.

Types of pollution left on the surface of the car

The surface of the car’s body and windows is contaminated by various factors and needs to be washed. A layer of mosquitoes left on the front of the car is one of these types of pollution. This layer of pollution makes the color of the car not visible well. The mud left on the rims due to traffic on the roads, the dust sitting on the surface of the windows, especially the rear and front glass, and the mud left on the body are other pollutions on the car surface that should be removed.

Car wash time in different conditions

Various factors should be considered to determine the time of washing the car, which will be discussed below.

Living conditions

Every place has its own pollution according to the type of pollution and environmental conditions. Industrial or urban environments often have air pollution caused by factories and cars. These types of pollution in combination with bird droppings cause car body paint to rot. As a result, people living in these areas should wash the surface of their car weekly. In addition, the air pollution in combination with the rain has become acidic, and therefore the car must be rinsed after the rain. In forested or tree-filled environments such as city streets, tree gum may be spilled on the body. These pollutions damage the color of the body. In coastal areas, the transfer of sand from the beach, if it remains for a long time, can cause rusting of the internal parts of the car body. In all the cases mentioned, washing the car weekly is appropriate.

The amount of traffic

If the car is used on a daily basis, the body and windows are exposed to a lot of pollution, which causes the body color to change or the paint to rot. Contaminations such as bird droppings stick to the body for a long time, so that it is impossible to separate them without damaging the car. If the car is contaminated with this type of contamination, weekly washing is the best option. But if the car body is exposed to this kind of pollution in a limited way, washing it monthly or twice every two months seems to be enough.


The heat aggravates the damage caused by pollution such as bird droppings, so that the direct sunlight on them causes the protective layer of the automobile body to disappear. On the other hand, the presence of moisture can speed up the rusting of the car. If the environment is very sunny, rainy or snowy, weekly washing is recommended.

Car storage location

As it seems obvious, if the car is kept in a covered garage, it will be protected from most of the pollution and will need less washing. But if your vehicle is parked outside during the day without a cover, weekly washing becomes necessary.

Different types of car wash

You can use manual or machine washing methods to wash the car. The manual method is done by the car owner or another person using a bucket of water and a tee. This method is time-consuming and only suitable for daily surface washing. Manual car wash is another way to clean the car, which by using water spraying equipment and detergents, has a much better performance than the previous method and reduces the operation time. But the new and advanced generation of car wash equipment is automatic car wash. These automatic car wash machines mechanically perform various rinsing, foam spraying, washing and drying operations. Very high speed, accuracy of operation and no damage to the device and excellent quality are the advantages of automatic car wash.