Engine cleaner foam :

This product is designed and manufactured with a special formula to remove stains, soot, grease and oil residues from all parts of the car engine, so that it has the best performance without damaging plastic and rubber parts, and painted surfaces.

Engine cleaner foam with non-petroleum formulation. By using Engine cleaner foam, don’t worry about rust, dirt on the engine surface and damage to your car’s engine parts. With the engine wash, all the smoky, oily, walnut, dust and old deposits will be removed and the surface of the car’s engine will be shiny.

Engine cleaner foam :

  • Cleaner of dried and dried oils and fats.
  • Cleaner for parts that are difficult to access.
  • Full compatibility with all plastic and rubber parts of the engine.
  • Can be used without damaging wires and sensitive parts of the engine

How to use WPI400 engine surface cleaning foam :

Open the engine door and make sure the engine temperature is low. Shake the spray completely and spray from a distance of 30 cm to the points contaminated with fat and grease.