ESPRO automotive glass adhesive

ESPRO automotive glass adhesive


ESPRO automotive glass adhesive :

Neutral silicone sealant designed to bond glass to metal. One of the features of this product is its strong adhesion and its non-corrosive and odorless properties. It is used for general sealing and glazing purposes. This product has high adhesive strength and is suitable for use in most porous and non-porous building materials. ESPRO automotive glass silicone adhesive has a very high adhesion speed. This adhesive is elastic and does not lose its elasticity over time. This product shows good resistance against water and moisture. ESPRO automotive glass silicone adhesive is used for sealing. This glue has the ability to connect to glass, ceramics, metals, PVC, concrete, vinyl, wood, etc. This product should be stored in a dry and cool place with proper ventilation and at a temperature below 32 degrees Celsius.

Features of ESPRO automotive glass adhesive:

  • Weather resistant
  • Radiation resistant
  • Neutrality
  • Radiation resistant
  • Without solvent

How to use :

For use, first, the desired surface must be completely cleaned and any contamination on it must be removed. You can cover the area around the work using adhesive tape, this prevents the silicone adhesive from passing to other areas and makes the work surface more clean. Then scratch the seam above the glue to allow it to pass and use the glue nozzle to do the sealing. Immediately remove the tape after finishing the work.

Application of ESPRO automotive glass adhesive :

  • Front glasses
  • Sunroof
  • Windows
  • Sea glasses
  • RV hatches and windows
  • Front windows
  • Set of headlights
  • Air vents
Quality of
Raw material 96%
Satisfaction 98%
Practical 100%
Strength 97%