ESPRO sanitary silicone 4

ESPRO sanitary silicone


TDS Espro 470



Measured Value

Testing Method

Test at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±20C:

Density (g/cm3)



GB/T 13477

Skin-Free Time (min)



GB/T 13477

Extrusion (ml/min)



GB/T 13477

Tensile Modulus (Mpa)




GB/T 13477


or ﹥0.6


Slumpability (mm) vertical



GB/T 13477

Slumpability (mm) horizontal

not change shape

not change shape

GB/T 13477

Curing Speed (mm/d)




As Cured -After 21 days at 50±5% RH and temperature 23±20C:

Hardness (Shore A)



GB/T 531

Tensile Strength under Standard Conditions (Mpa)



GB/T 13477

Elongation of Rupture (%)



GB/T 13477

Movement Capability (%)



GB/T 13477

Shelf Life

18 months


ESPRO sanitary silicone is one of the types of silicone adhesives, which has high resistance due to its special chemical structure. Also, due to its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-mold properties, it is very suitable for use in environments where maintaining hygiene is very important.

Features of ESPRO sanitary silicone :

  • They are very resistant to moisture.
  • sanitary silicone adhesives are heat insulating and very suitable for sealing windows.
  • These adhesives are electrically conductive.
  • They have high resistance against ultraviolet rays, which is one of their most important features.
  • They have high flexibility, that’s why it is very easy to work with it.
  • This adhesive is one-component, which means that it does not need a hardener to dry.
  • Its color does not change over time and remains constant.
  • It is anti-fungal and anti-mold and has antibacterial properties
  • Ideal for use in health environments such as hospitals and pharmaceutical factories, etc.

How to use ESPRO sanitary silicone :

To implement this type of adhesive, you must consider some things. including :

In the first step, you have to remove the glue that is already in place with a tool like a knife. Also, remove any other contamination such as oil or grease and clean the area completely.

Cut the special nozzle to the appropriate size for the desired surface. Install on the cartridge. Inject the sealant with a special gun at an angle of 45 degrees from the surface. You can use a spatula to shape and even out the glue surface and cover the seams.

Application of ESPRO sanitary silicone adhesive :

  • Filling and sealing corners and joints in wet environments
  • Sealing surfaces in kitchen and bathroom environments
  • Sealing of ventilation systems
  • Sealing surfaces in sanitary environments – around bathtubs – sinks – shower cabins, etc.
  • Sealing connections for glass works – containers – cold storage – clean room – kitchen – technical sanitary equipment, etc.
Quality of
Raw material 96%
Satisfaction 95%
Practical 98%
Strength 100%