ESPRO Mirror silicone

ESPRO Mirror silicone



ESPRO Mirror silicone :

This product is a single-component and neutral silicone sealant with an acid drying system and is used for general sealing and glazing purposes. This product has high adhesive strength and is suitable for use in most non-porous building materials.

ESPRO Mirror silicone adhesive is one of the most resistant and strongest glues in the mirror industry. This glue is used to connect and seal mirrors.

Features of ESPRO Mirror silicone :

1- Excellent quality and unique sealing 2- Excellent adhesion for automobile glass and resistant to UV rays 3- Suitable for all types of mirrors and glass 4- Suitable for all industrial and construction applications. 5- Real weight 6- Odorless with high drying speed. 7- Very reasonable and competitive price. 8-Suitable for repairing boards and timber and wooden frames. 9-Suitable for sealing building sanitary connections. 10-Suitable for working on the facade of the building 12-Without the effect of corrosion and wear on construction and industrial materials.

How to use ESPRO Mirror silicone :

  1. Clean the back of the mirror glass well from grease dust and other contamination.
  2. Cut the head of the cartridge with a cutter and attach the special nozzle to the cartridge.
  3. Cut the nozzle head and then put the cartridge in the special silicone sprue glue gun.
  4. In order for the silicone adhesive behind the mirror to dry properly and for air to circulate behind the mirror, leave a gap between the adhesives.
  5. Stick the mirror in place and fix it in the desired place with wide glue.
  6. After 24 hours, you can remove the wide adhesives from the mirror.

Applications of ESPRO Mirror silicone :

  • Sticking mirrors and mirror decorations
  • The best choice for gluing all kinds of mirror glass with different sizes without mercury corrosion behind the mirror.
  • Sealing between glasses
Quality of
Raw material 97%
Satisfaction 98%
Practical 99%
Strength 100%