ESPRO Excellent silicon

ESPRO Excellent silicon



ESPRO Excellent silicon :

This product is antibacterial and does not change color after the passage of time and remains stable. This silicone is used to perform a wide range of sealing and glass cutting and sealing tasks. This sealant is suitable for porous and non-porous surfaces of common building materials. The expiration date of this silicone is 24 months after production.

ESPRO Excellent silicon retain their elasticity forever after drying. It has very good adhesion to common building materials and does not crack or change color in the long term. It is resistant to many chemicals and detergents and can be used in all seasons. This type of silicone has a faint smell of vinegar, which is caused by its acidity.

Features of ESPRO Excellent silicon

  • The initial drying time of silicone sprue is between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • It is 100% pure and without any additives.
  • It is 100% antibacterial and does not change color under any circumstances.
  • Retain its elasticity forever
  • It is very resistant to chemicals and detergents.
  • It has a weak vinegar smell.

Applications of ESPRO Excellent silicon

  • Installing a sink, installing a sink and toilet in the bathroom and a shower cabin in the bathroom.
  • Sealing around doors and windows
  • Doing all the household sealing
  • Sealing toilets and bathrooms
  • Connecting the surfaces to each other and creating the necessary space between the surfaces close to each other
  • Electrical seals such as plugs and sockets
Quality of
Raw material 98%
Satisfaction 96%
Practical 98%
Strength 95%