Grease spray

Grease spray

Grease spray :

WPI400 grease spray reduces friction and wear. It protects and increases the life of machines and equipment. With this product, you can achieve long-term lubrication with high viscosity. With the advantage of not dripping, it brings metal-to-metal lubrication to reduce friction and ensure the operation of tools and equipment.

Ideal for use in the automotive and marine industries, brake fittings, door hinges, gears, springs and bearings.

How to use :

Before use, shake well until the pellet in the can makes a noise for 10 seconds, clean the area to lubricate, and then spray 10-20 cm from objects. Spray the product evenly. For hard-to-reach places, use an extension tube.

Warning :

1. It should be used in a well-ventilated environment.
2. Keep away from heat source, flame and hot surface.
3. Avoid puncturing the bottle and bringing it close to the flame.
4. Make sure the power is off before using on electrical appliances.

Application of grease spray :

  • We use grease spray when using oil is not practical or convenient. For example, the most suitable protection for machines that work intermittently or are in storage for a long time is grease spray.
  • We use grease spray to protect metal surfaces and prevent corrosive pollutants and foreign substances from entering parts.
  • We can use grease spray to lubricate and protect all types of sliding, ball and roller bearings, shafts, chains,