Greasy contact cleaner

Greasy contact cleaner

Greasy contact cleaner :

Greasy contact cleaner can be used to create an electrically conductive barrier that protects against moisture, oxidation, and other environmental hazards. Some contact cleaning sprays that are also electrically conductive use advanced silicone lubricants that are compatible with metal, rubber, and plastic. It is used to fill the gaps of the connector, providing the ground for closing the circuits.

  • Cleaner for sensitive plastic parts such as relays, switches, capacitors, transistors, etc.
  • Degreasing buttons of electronic devices such as telephones, magnetic heads and sensors
  • Cleaner of hardened deposits and fats on the ribbon of printer devices
  • Cleaner of solder oil residues on the board and oil that prevents the operation of the motor and electronic devices.

Application of Greasy contact cleaner :

Dust, dirt, grease and oxidation contamination can increase electrical resistance in contact areas. This means that current is potentially reduced or interrupted, affecting device performance and potentially leading to unsafe hazards (i.e. high-resistance areas can start to heat up, or conductive contamination can cause a short). The presence of any contamination in the contact area reduces the bonding challenges that already exist due to the resistance of any surface oxidation and limited contact area.