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Industrial and automotive sprays


Industrial and automotive sprays


Industrial sprays

Tire shine

This product, with its special formula and very easy application, cleans and shines the tires in a few seconds. This product protects the tire from hardening, brittleness and cracking by creating a protective layer.

Engine cleaner foam

This product is designed and produced with a special formula to remove stains, soot, grease and remaining oil from all parts of the car engine so that it has the best performance without damaging plastic and rubber parts ,and painted surfaces.

Multi-purpose foam cleaner

This product is designed and produced using the strongest European cleaning materials with a neutral pH and a pleasant aroma, and it can be used to clean painted and unpainted surfaces, automotive, office, household and industrial equipment.

Dashboard polish

It is suitable for plastic and leather surfaces, and with the power of cleaning dashboard surface stains with antistatic properties, it prevents dust from accumulating, and because of its fragrance, it creates a sense of freshness in the interior of the car and prevents the dashboard surfaces from cracking.

Tire foam cleaner

Tire foam cleaenr

WPI foam tire spray quickly makes your car tire black and shiny, and at the same time, it is considered a unique protection for your car tire. And with its unique feature, it prevents the absorption of the round on the tire.

Yellow fuel injector cleaner

It is designed and produced with a special formula and using the best and safest organic and mineral materials. This product is used to descale and clean car injectors and similar items. An important feature of this product is its excellent spraying power and cleaning power without damaging the car parts.

WPI400 flash engine

Motor flush

This product is made of refined solvent oil and prevents gum, shell and carbon deposits from settling in the engine. It frees the oil path and improves lubrication, restores the elasticity of washers and rubber flakes, reduces oil consumption and increases the life and durability of the engine and engine oil.

Lubricant WPI400

Lubricant and paint remover spray

This product, with a special formula, has the characteristics of cleaning lubrication, removing rust from parts, removing moisture from the surface, and protecting metal surfaces against corrosion and rust, as well as high penetration in rusted threads in bolts and nuts and connections. eliminates squeaking and smoothing of rails, door and window hinges, wheel chains, handles and locks.

Greasy contact cleaner

Contact cleaner

Contact cleaner can be used to create an electrically conductive barrier that protects against moisture, oxidation, and other environmental hazards. Some contact cleaning sprays that are also electrically conductive use advanced silicone lubricants that are compatible with metal, rubber, and plastic.

Black injector washer

Contact cleaner

You can use the Contact cleaner for washing your electronic devices, and we can safely say that by using the electronic parts cleaning spray and the contact wash spray, you will increase the lifespan of the electronic parts. Oxidation contamination can increase electrical resistance in contact areas.

Grease spray

Grease spray

Grease is a very good insulator against the entry of dust into machines and the exit of other materials from it. Using this material is done in the best way to seal parts and bowls of felts with low cost. But if sealing is done with oil, it will require more energy due to more friction.

Nika multipurpose wax soft polish

multipurpose wax soft polish

This product has been designed and produced to maintain and protect the dashboard and plastic and metal parts inside and outside the car, which, in addition to increasing the glossiness, descales and degreases the plastic and metal surfaces, due to its antistatic properties, it extends the life of these surfaces with Increases protection against the sun's ultraviolet light.

Black fuel injector cleaner

Black fuel injector cleaner

The car engine becomes polluted due to continuous use and over time. These contaminations in the injectors and other parts of the fuel supply cause incomplete combustion and thus reduce the power and acceleration of the car.