Tehran Paint and Resin Exhibition (IPCC) is the most important and prominent event in the field of paint and coating in all regions of the Middle East. Nika Afarin Takin Company is proud to be present at the important event again with the best of this industry. Our sealants are designed according to the various needs of different industries, including construction, automobile manufacturing, and handicrafts.

We are proud to have launched the first product produced in Iran, suitable for sanitary spaces such as hospitals, laboratories, restaurants, etc., completely hygienic and antibacterial (Sanitary ES-470).

Other products introduced in the field of silicone sealants are as follows.

Universal ES-305

Q Plus ES-330

Excellent ES-360

Aquarium ES-370

GP Neutral ES-410


Neutral Sanitary ES-470

Thank you for your warm attendance at the international paint and resin exhibition and your attention to ESPRO and WPI400 brands.

Stay tuned.