International exhibition of paint and resin

International paint and resin exhibition

In the fourth year of its activity, Nika Afarin Takin Industrial Group was present in Hall 6 of the international paint and resin exhibition alongside the major manufacturers and suppliers of this industry.

Providing samples of products to the visitors, and the possibility of checking the quality of automotive products in person, created a suitable platform for exchanging information and getting to know the big and small activists of this industry all over our beloved Iran.

With the presence of the managing director, sales manager and sales experts in line with the social responsibility of Nika Afarin Takin Industrial Group, regarding the introduction of products such as Motorflash, a lubricant produced on the basis of silicone oil , Antibacterial silicones suitable for industrial and home use in order to inform the final consumers and create a more appropriate insight for the preparation of quality products from all the reputable brands in the market, complete information was provided.

Changing the printing technology of adhesive labels and ESPRO sealants from offset to IML was one of the other things done at this year’s exhibition.

Nika Afarin Takin Industrial Group continues its mission by completing the product portfolio of products produced from high-quality raw materials with the company of our old and new customers.