Lubricant WPI400

Lubricant WPI400

Lubricant WPI400 :

This product with a special formula has the characteristics of cleaning lubrication, rust removal of parts, removal of moisture from the surface and protection of metal surfaces against corrosion and rust, as well as high penetration in rusty threads in bolts and nuts and connections. Eliminates squeaking and lubrication of rails, door and window hinges, wheel chains, handles and locks.

Some general and practical uses of the spray: for cleaning and maintaining all kinds of knife blades, swords, saws, scissors and tools. Can be used to clean all types of razors and protect against corrosion and wear. Can be used to lubricate and maintain all types of industrial and normal bearings against corrosion and moisture. Can be used for thousands of daily tasks for all matters.

  • Application of lubricant WPI400 :
  • Removing paint and dirt from the fence and rubber and plastic items. Lubrication of locks and hinges of all types of normal and double-paned doors and windows. Removing glue and stickers from all surfaces, even car paint, without any damage. Lubrication of all parts that need lubrication and lubrication with the effect of removing grease and dust. Even electronic parts like smoothing the phone buttons.