Multi-purpose Foam cleaner

Multipurpose foam :

This product is designed and produced using the strongest European cleaning materials with a neutral pH and a pleasant aroma, and it can be used to clean painted and unpainted surfaces, automotive, office, household and industrial equipment.

Suitable for cleaning and removing all kinds of stains, fingerprints and dust from fabric surfaces, plastic vinyl, chrome and car carpets, as well as cleaning furniture, household appliances, walls, painted and ceramic surfaces of the house … This product has strong and fast penetration and cleaning properties.

Multipurpose foam :

This product can be used to remove grease, stains, fingerprints and dust from fabric, plastic vinyl, chrome and car carpet surfaces. It can also be used at home to clean household appliances, furniture, sanitary ware, walls and painted and ceramic surfaces.

How to use WPI400 multipurpose engine foam :

Shake the foam well and spray evenly from a distance of 15-20 cm. After a few seconds, clean the surface with a clean and dry towel. If needed, spray several times and use a brush.