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Adhesive and silicone sealant

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Adhesive and silicone sealant

ESPRO Aquarium silicone

This adhesive is a non-toxic and solvent-free silicone sealant that is used to make aquariums and glue glass. Its drying mechanism is acidic and has excellent adhesion to glass and many other polished surfaces.

ESPRO Excellent silicon

ESPRO Excellent silicon with acid drying system. Silicon is 100% pure and without any additives. It is also antibacterial and does not change color after the passage of time and remains stable.

ESPRO Acrylic sealant paste

ESPRO Acrylic sealant paste is an excellent sealant that loses its flexibility after drying and has a very high strength. ESPRO Acrylic sealant paste is an excellent sealant.

ESPRO sanitary silicone

Sanitary silicone adhesive has high resistance due to its special chemical structure. Also, due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, it is very suitable for use in environments where maintaining hygiene is very important.

ESPRO Super silicone

This product is a one-component silicone sealant with an acid drying system (estoxy) and is used for general sealing and glazing purposes. This product has high adhesive strength and is suitable for use in most non-porous building materials.

ESPRO Mirror silicone

Mirror adhesive belong to the family of silicones, which are known as neutral silicones. The reason for this name is to eliminate the corrosive properties of this glue. Another feature of mirror glue is that they are anti-fungal and resistant to water and moisture, high adhesive strength, and elastic state.

ESPRO automotive glass adhesive

Neutral silicone sealant designed to bond glass to metal. One of the features of this product is its strong adhesion and its non-corrosive and odorless properties. ESPRO car glass glue has a very high adhesion speed and dries very quickly

ESPRO Multi silicon

Multi and Excellent silicones are single-component, acid-based products that are used to perform a wide range of sealing and glass-cutting tasks. After drying, they retain their elastic properties forever. They can be used in all seasons of the year. They have a weak vinegar smell.

ESPRO Silicone plus

ESPRO Silicone plus is a one-component, acid-based product that is used to perform a wide range of sealing and glass-cutting tasks. After drying, it maintains its elasticity forever.

ESPRO Neutral silicone

ESPRO Neutral single component silicone can be used for powerful general sealing in conditions of high temperature difference and low humidity. It can be easily used in any weather conditions

ESPRO automotive sausage plus

Due to its extremely high adhesion, this product can be used in all automotive and construction related cases.